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Booking Your First Audiobook Gig is a quickstart guide that will take your voiceover aspirations from dream to reality!  Award-winning voice artist, director, and engineer Noah DeBiase takes you through every step of the audition process, giving you the tools you need to get started right away and land your first narrating job!


Topics include:

  • Finding audiobook auditions
  • Great audio gear on a shoestring budget
  • Genre expectations and how to meet them
  • The importance of honesty and strong choices
  • Digitally editing your work

Booking Your First Audiobook Gig is a must-have for anyone considering narration as a career or hobby.  Packed with indispensable tips, this slim volume will help you turn your voice over dreams into reality today!


Written by Noah DeBiase.

Edited by Lila Nawrocki.

Available in PDF and ePub formats, delivered as a .zip file.

Booking Your First Audiobook Gig


Includes a link to an exclusive video of Noah demonstrating his vocal warmup process.  Learn how to keep your voice sounding its best through healthy use.

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